Things You Should Know ABout The Golf Rangefinder & Spikeless Golf Shoes

If you are a good golfer or an aspiring one or you simply want to improve your golfing skills, it has now become easier. This is thanks to useful golf products in the market to help you improve your game, actually lessen your handicap and even save time. One such product is the golf rangefinder which is usually a small hand-held gadget that enables you to play to a smaller handicap and will accurately give you the actual distance to the green. The best part about the golf rangefinder is that is absolutely legal and even allowed in competitions.

Types Of Golf Rangefinders

Like with most things, there are two types of these rangefinders which are the GPS and the laser ranger finders. Both of these are very useful, they are hand-held, portable and often have similar features.

Why You Need Rangefinders

When you have one of these gadgets, you don’t have to rely on scattered markers anymore when determining your distance. Often times these markers are not clearly visible or even in good condition and when your eyesight is poor, you might be very frustrated if you have to peer in to the distance to make them out.

GPS Versus Laser Rangefinders

The GPS rangefinder has been known to be easier to use since it provides consistent and updated data whenever required. The laser one is of course efficient too but the only drawback is that it is a bit difficult to use and might need a little getting used to. Some people have however found the laser rangefinders more preferable since all they need to do is simply take it out and aim in order to the perfect reading on the target. You don’t need to download anything with a laser rangefinder; this is very unlike the GPS one where you will have to download the coordinate file for the course or even manually map it out before playing the course.

Useful tips

· Before purchasing your GPS rangefinder, simply check the availability of the GPS mappings of your golf course.

· It is also important that before using your rangefinder in play, find out what the local course rules are when it comes to using rangefinders in the club tournaments and the handicap rounds.

· Lastly, before you buy a laser rangefinder, find out if your local course has put up laser reflectors on the flag sticks placed on the greens to help in laser distance management. Without the laser reflectors, you will definitely be better off using a GBS rangefinder.

With the above information, now you know a lot about golf rangefinders and might consider using one on your next game.


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